I ran into a customer over the holiday. They stopped to thank me for sending them a hand-written thank you card. They pointed out that they have spent more money with other businesses, and never received anything like my card. I was shocked. I am genuinely grateful for their patronage; It didn't seem to out of the ordinary to stop and write a small note.

Only upon further reflection did I realize how rarely we remember to show appreciation. I could jot off an email or text in a few seconds, but in some ways those methods of showing gratitude have been cheapened by colloquialisms, lack of thought and they tend to feel impersonal. I understand that we are busy; sometimes we are lucky if we are wearing clean socks, and it seems that there isn't enough time in the day to reflect. Still, showing gratitude to the people that allow me to do my dream job is just the right thing to do. I'm not perfect, and I am guilty of forgetting to send my notes or sending them too late. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to my customers. Still, it as good to hear that I am at least, sometimes, doing it right.

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