Inspiration on the Parisian Street

Rain forced me into a cafe down the street from my hotel near the Place de la République. Through the large window, I watched people, heads down, umbrellas clutched tight, dodging from building to metro, metro to bus, taxi to building...; I was overwhelmed with the ascetic of these people. The women are meticulously well-groomed clad in classic lines, bold reds, mustard yellows and Prussian blues. A cacophony of bold color streaming through the cobblestone streets. Even the children are well-dressed in miniature Italian boots, herringbone jackets, argyle sweaters and striped scarves. People often ask me what inspires my work, and, quite simply, it is scenes of life like this one.

I watched a well dressed grandma with her grandchildren waiting to cross the busy street. The little boy was wearing a plaid scarf with his miniature trench coat. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia for my own grandparents. I recently lost my grandfather, and days spent with him were on the forefront of my mind. I could remember him taking me out when he visited, and I wore tutus to dress up for the event.

The melding of images and ideas are what inspires my work, and the sketch that developed included two grandparents, with their grandchildren. 'A Day Out With Grandma & Grandpa' is a poignant reminder of my dear grandfather, and days spent wearing tutus and getting festival balloons.

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