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This listing is for Limited Edition, Giclee, Signed Prints on Paper. 


Creating anthropomorphic characters is a big part of how I exercise my imagination.  As a child my mother took me and my siblings to the local zoo regularly.  This exposure to a wide variety of animals had a large impact on my daydreams.   As an adult I found that I coped with the stress of life by doodling caricatures of my teachers or professors, often making them into anthropomorphic and whimsical characters.  This has carried over into my paintings, and it is a strong theme throughout my work. My Zoo Series encompasses all my non-frog animal works. 


Copyright does not transfer with purchase. 
Artist owns rights to reproductions and image. 

'Tusk on Slopes' ©2017, Alexandra Hall, All Rights Reserved.


  • " It is my hope that I force my audience to exercise their imagination, that my works inspire conversation and that they evoke joy."

     -Alexandra Hall   ​

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