This work is no longer available.It is part of a private collection in Fort Wayne, IN.


48" x 60" x 2" Acrylic on Canvas. This piece has painted, gallery-wrapped edges, and is wired for hanging. This original work is for sale. There are prints of this piece available on paper or canvas.

The black and white ink sketch is not included in the sale of the piece. It is the doodle that I did while having my first cup of coffee of the day. I wanted to capture the mood of our chaotic lifestyles, in which we rarely are given a moment to relax. However, sometimes, whilst having our morning cofee, we get an opportunity to sit still for a moment and reflect...that is the mood I was trying to capture. So I drew my initial sketch, which turned into the final work, 'Lion in Repose'.

I started this work in May 2018 at Lincoln Financial's Art Week, where I painted live for several hours (last photo). I did not finish the work until the end of August 2018.

Creating anthropomorphic characters is a big part of how I exercise my imagination. As a child my mother regularly took me and my siblings to the local zoo. This exposure to a wide variety of animals had a large impact on my daydreams. As an adult I found that I coped with the stress of life by doodling caricatures of my teachers or professors, often making them into animals. This has carried over into my paintings, and is a strong theme throughout my work.

Copyright does not transfer with purchase. Artist owns rights to reproductions and image.
'Lion in Repose' ©2018, Alexandra Hall, All Rights Reserved.

LION IN REPOSE Original Acrylic Painting 48" x 60"

  • "In my pieces I try to bring some whimsy into the mundane. It is my hope that I force my audience to exercise their imagination, that my works inspire conversation and that they evoke joy."

     -Alexandra Hall   ​