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In order to paint a custom pet portrait, I will need up to 4 reference photos. Please see the examples above. A good reference photo gives us a clear view of the pet's face in good lighting. A bad reference photo does not give us any real detail; this image was taken from too far away to make out any details. 
I love my pup. He has a distinct personality, and I know yours does too! I like to paint with bold color, and I prefer to add whimsy and personality to each of my pieces. Please keep in mind that your painting will be colorful, and even if your pupper is brown or black, you will see striking color combinations in the painting. If you don't like the idea of loud colors or patterned scarves in your pet portrait, I may not be the right artist to hire. I am happy to reccomend a number of Fort Wayne-based artists who work with a more muted hues, or perhaps you should consider hiring a photographer who can take darling images of your best friend.  All of us are drawn to different mediums, and it is okay if you'd prefer a more realistic or muted piece.  Either way, I want you to be happy with your artwork, and I want your piece to capture the love and character of your pet(s). 
*Cost will increase for additional pets, larger canvas or more complex design elements
Copyright does not transfer with purchase. Artist owns rights to reproductions and image. 
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Custom Pet Commission for Vicki

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