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'Burd Posse' limited edition giclee print, ~8" x 11" on cotton paper.  



noun, Chiefly Scot.

1.a young lady; maiden.




1. posse comitatus.

2. a body or force armed with legal authority.

3. Slang. a group of friends or associates:

hanging out with your posse; a posse of drug dealers.


This is basded off a wonderful group of women.  I am honored to call them my posse. 


Copyright does not transfer with purchase. 
Artist owns rights to reproductions and image. 

'Burd Posse' ©2017, Alexandra Hall, All Rights Reserved.

BURD POSSE PRINT 8" x 10" (small)

  • "My imaginative spirit is born from the people who inspired me to dream, to see things differently and to live fearlessly. Every work is influenced by hundreds of little moments and extraordinary experiences. In my pieces I try to bring some whimsy into the mundane. It is my hope that I force my audience to exercise their imagination, that my works inspire conversation and that they evoke joy."

     -Alexandra Hall   ​

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